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Computer Specs: AMD 4000+/p4 3.0ghz ht,Nvidia Geforce 6800GT, 1Gig RAM, 20 inch lcds & 20 inch crt viewsonics.

World of Warcraft
For years now, eCyberdeck has been known for its outstanding WoW guild "ecd" (thats spends excessive hours playing together, running the hardest instants, etc.) and welcoming all other WoW players with open arms and having a great time together on and off lan!!!


ecd has a long history with counterstrike, and its own sponsored house team!! See them play at the cyberdeck mini's!



Diablo 2

Still one of the best RPG classics to date!

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
eCyberdeck is also known for its cal ( team in Dota!

Believe it or not, this game never gets old among the ecd crowd. There is always a group of ten or more people playing a lan game of good ol` SC in the war room!

We also have a very large list of other random games like maplestory or gunbound on all our computers.

4101 Campus Drive. Irvine, CA 92612